Recently I saw a post on Instagram about how there is a competition brewing among NBA players on who can find the best bottle of wine. I thought I'd share snippet on where you can find and drink fine wines here in Austin.

My favorite wine shop in Austin Texas is a small, off the beaten path, family run store with a red awning. Last month they announced the 2015 Burgundies were in, and I decided to stop by and have a taste. Some white Burgundies from Chassagne-Montrachet have a pungent, minerally flavor with notes of white flowers, lime, and pear, which make them incredibly refreshing, especially in Texas. In addition, the Austin Wine Merchant was featuring Italian wines from the Piedmont region which have always been some of my favorite reds due to their strong, full-bodied flavors and rich finishes.

I recommend the Austin Wine Merchant (W. 6th St) wholeheartedly as they have a wine tasting almost every Saturday, and it’s a great opportunity to try various wines before you think about buying. I especially like trying featured wines for a special occasion, such as champagnes, Bordeaux and Italian Barolo. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and I’m always amazed at how much knowledge they have whether it’s California, Italy, France, or wherever. Austin Wine Merchant and definitely worth stopping by.